Stevie R Field

Photo by Autumn Reynolds

I've come a long way since the first wedding I photographed in 2013. The bride was brave to hire me with no experience, but she had all the confidence in the world in me. She was also my best friend of like 14 years, and we're still friends now so I guess it all worked out. :) My nerves were pretty intense that day, but it was the best first step in the direction I wanted to head. With each season I have learned and experienced new exciting things along with more efficient ways of photographing, editing, etc.

I have a faith based background and something about weddings just humbles me. The speeches the dad's give about their daughters, the personalized vows that make everyone laugh and cry all in one sentence that's read aloud. So much love with two families that come together to celebrate.

Beyond weddings I also do other portraiture, some families come and then I don't see them again for a while, then others I see faithfully every year. I get to watch them grow and change and build relationships with them. To photograph someones wedding, then their maternity photos, then their child's one year photos, it just brings me such joy. I do it for them, I do it for you, my clients. When they get their photos and they are overjoyed with the results and memories captured, well that right there is the cherry on the sundae, the frosting on the cake, the inspiration that keeps me going.

Furthermore these moments that I've captured are memories that will last a lifetime. Memories is one of those words that just get to me. My Gramp lost his memories to Alzheimer's disease and when I get to capture certain really powerful or emotional moments I can just feel how much worth and how priceless that photograph is. Even without that disease we all forget certain moments in our life, but if I can capture it and bring that moment back to life for you years down the road then my goal has been accomplished.